Multiple count queries

hi all,
I am using Elasticsearch datasource, I need to create one table show 4 columns:

  1. path_logfiles.keyword,
  2. count(path_logfiles.keyword),
  3. count(path_logfiles.keyword) has level.keyword
  4. count(path_logfiles.keyword) without level.keyword

it is very easy to create 3 tables but in one table it doesn’t works in Elasticsearch datasource
(or do in SQL/MySQL datasource)
Do you have solution for this situation?

Many thanks,

Grafana supports some merging of results. but I think that you need to have a time column (time series) for the merging to actually happen. Have not been able to merge the results as you want using elasticsearch and Grafana latest version (master).

Feel free to open a feature request for it.


hi is this solved? i’ve got the same problem. is grafana table panel supports to do this now?

I have the same issue as above. I am trying to use Table Panel to show counts together unable to create multiple counts

TIMESTAMP | Total Number of records | Total Pass | Total Fail

2020-11-22. 100 50. 50

Query A - Total Number of records
Query B - Total Pass
Query C - Total Fail

I am able to count individual counts but unable to combine the count columns together. Is there any approach I can use to combine the counts?

Try use Tranformation with Calculation Field