Dashboard with multiple queries

I’m using a table as the panel and the data source is retrieved from elasticsearch, and am trying to place a Count metric for 2 different queries to be shown in 2 different columns. However in the table, only 1 column is shown with Count, as they combined/merged both columns with Count together. Is there a way to have them kept separate?


Saw that you opened an issue for this, https://github.com/grafana/grafana/issues/17024.

In your use case above I wonder if you use one query instead of two and adding a group by filters where you add your lucene queries with labels and/or instead of using the query field. Let me know how that works out.

Hello, thanks for replying.

I used 2 different queries, and for both queries, I groupby the same field for both of these queries.

I tried different ways including attempting to use Extended Stats’s Count field but I still got the same result - the data of these 2 different queries merged into 1 column.

Was referring to using one query with filter aggregation, see demo dashboard.

Hi, I have variables that I use to filter certain variables out, and my Lucane queries are a boolean expression of the variables types and others. E.g. I have data with a test.results component that can only be success or failure, hence in my Lucane query I added test.result:failure to filter for the failures.
I’m pretty new to this, and am not too sure if I’m doing this right.