Multiple Client Certificates

I’m testing my authentication and authorization proxy with multiple user accounts, similar to this post When parameterizing data, how do I not use the same data more than once in a test?.
But my proxy expects each user to have an unique client certificate.
I know how to send a client certificate for a given domain with the tlsAuth option.
Is it possible to send multiple certificates for each individual user in a similar way to the one mentioned in the post?


Unfortunately currently the client certificate is global :frowning: .
This can be changed but it will require a non trivial amount of work - by my quick investigation there will be trouble with HTTP2 multiplexing and general connection reuse.
Can you please open an issue explaining your use case, maybe with a proposal on how you would like the code to look.

Hello @maya. I am facing the similar problem like yours. Have you find any solution for this?

@mstoykov is there any updates in k6 for sending multiple client certificates?

Hi @Murtaza-Multan ,

No, sorry. N
obody has tried to do anything about it and the core team has other priorities one of which is completely redoing the http module at some point, which will likely take this feature into account if not implement it at the time. Although that new HTTP API has been in the “to be designed” phase for over a year, so I can’t really give you any estimates - but not in the next 2 release cycles given the current priorities, probably even more. And given some of the problems explained in this (roughly related) PR comment it seems that there are more problems that will need to be work around.

Thank you for the response @mstoykov. Hope K6 bring this feature soon :slight_smile:. Beside that can you suggest any alternative to achieve this? Any help will be highly appreciated.

Unfottunately not, sorry @Murtaza-Multan

No problem @mstoykov :slight_smile: Thanks for the response.

Hi all !

Is there any news for this topic ?
I also need this feature :confused:

@Murtaza-Multan, have you find a solution ?