Does K6 provide tls session resumption

I was wondering if k6 reuses TLS sessions by default or if I have to enable something to get it to do this.
I came across this older post from from June 2020 that suggests k6 does not support TLS session resumption TLS session resumption . I could not find any other mentions of this feature being implemented, so I assume that K6 can not reuse TLS sessions but I wanted to check here first, does anyone have any more information on this?

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Hi there,

I looked into this again, and unfortunately the situation hasn’t changed since 2020. Support for this feature is spotty in Go, and k6 currently doesn’t support it at all.

I created the issue #3021 with some details, so that we can at least partially support this in k6. Feel free to follow the issue for updates, and give it a :thumbsup: so we can determine its interest and priority.



Hi @imiric Thanks for looking into this and I appreciate you creating the issue

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