Multi metrics in a multi variables

Hi I would like to know if its possible to monitoring different metrics on a multiple variable.
Ill try to explain me:

I have a custom variable with:
Mrtric1 : mymetric1
Metric2 : myothermetric

I would like to have the possibility to monitor the 2 metrics in one panel.


Its taht posible ? as the metric is in as the metric is interpreted when you choose the multiple option as Metric1 + Metric2 it return a error because the Metric M1 + M2 doesnt exist.

Thanks in advance

Hi @enrique1987

I think you should check out these example dashboards. They have the functionality you want (I believe). You can look at how they have constructed their variables, and you can inspect the queries to see how the template variables are used:

Thank you very much @mattabrams , I even didnt know that "https://play… really cool Thanks

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