Multi-line text

I’ve seen a couple of posts about trying to add multi-line text to a dashboard but there seems to be nothing conclusive. I have a list of connection details (formatted with
or \n) that are obtained via an Influx query, that I want to display - as a list - not as a single line of text.
I’ve tried using Variables which work well as I can display the returned text in the text Panel as HTML.

However… the biggest problem with that is that the variable is only updated when the page is loaded or on time range change - but not when the queries on the page are refreshed, which seems really odd?

How else can I ensure that my connection values are being dynamically displayed? I’ve tried a table panel but it a) also displays a time value associated with the value which I don’t want and b) doesn’t seem to pay any attention to either ‘\n’ or ‘
’ embedded in the string. Is there some other way?

Would be a huge performance problem to be constantly fetching them, especially if the dashboard has chained variables. Which refresh option are you using for your variable - Never, On dashboard load or On time range change?

Thanks for reply Daniel.

Can understand the issue with chained variables but having the option of ‘refreshing using the same principle as the other queries’ in the dashboard would allow the user to make this their decision.

I’m currently using ‘On dashboard load’ as this is the top level dashboard displayed. ‘Never’ makes no sense at all - unless I’m missing something, and ‘On time range change’ is effectively the same as ‘On dashboard load’ if the dashboard is simply viewed rather than interacted with.

All I want to do is display some text that can be updated by the monitored system at any time and include some formatting capability. As I said, variables seemed to be the way to do it but maybe I’m barking up the wrong tree? :confused: