Data links 'refresh' variables, excessive loading times

Ive been reading about this for past few hours, testing options. Seems the issue may have been brought up before.

I have multiple variable on a single dashboard.

Ive data linked the ‘symbol’ in the lower table, so that it changes the variable. Works.

Issue i have is when using the ‘Interval’ variable. Ive managed to get it working, by using:


However, since its injecting a dynamic interval from the variable, it pushes a reload. All times, every time. If i hardcode an Interval, it will only refresh when the time range is changed.

We are talking about the lower data table visualization. Since the request takes ~6s trip, it a constant refresh until I stop clicking things.

Im using SQL. ive tried maxing out relative time in the panel, to disconnect it from time range, but no avail.

Why does a table visualization need to be paired with time? Is there not a panel to just display data, without a constant refresh?

Also, as a new coder, I wonder about another solution, that may exist but I am unaware.

  • Is there a type of pre database cache storage point? As i understand, Grafana send all queries to database, anytime a refresh is requested or time change. If no data in the database changed, I could store the query result and aggregates into a time limited cache dump, and check against that before main database.