MSSQL variable all problem

Hi i am highly newbie about grafana,

My question about variables. Does Grafana support drilldown variables? I mean when i choose or select option/field on one variable. And other variable can change automatically/properly depend of data of course. Like a master detail relationship. e.g continent, country

And another question is the correct way to usage of variable like hard coded where clause for MS Sql server ?

How do you deal with the all value of option in the variable. lets assume we have a variable and it has distinct values and all option. like continents in the world. But my query stuck when i choose the all option.

My query hard coded query looks like

from table
where column1 IN (@variable1)

when i select the all option my query looks like

where column1 IN (’’)

what is the correct solution of this problem.

Many thanks.

@variable1 is a sql variable. To reference a Grafana variable use $variable1.

of course i am having a problem with value of variables. when i select the all option my query doesn’t work.
WHERE ColumnName IN ($variable) output of this -> WHERE ColumnName IN (’’)
this query getting empty resultset because of ‘’.

My Main questionis : Can Grafana handle T-sql query’s where clause. If i select all option grafana remove "ColumnName IN ($variable) "

IF i select one or more option in the variable everything works well.


when i select the all option my query doesn’t work.

It should work. What Grafana version? Are you using a custom all value?

I did with this where clause I setted the value of custom all values ‘’. My main problem is t-sql oriented. if i select all option grafana sets empty as a value, otherwise when i select multiple value grafana gives me comma seperated values list such as ‘val1’,‘val2’ then i couldn’t use this these two kinds of different things.
case 1 => ‘val1’,‘val2’
case 2 =>
this is really blank nothing in it. :slight_smile:

You know SQL server uses ’ character for string then i have to handle both empty thing and comma seperated values at the same time. Finally i solved with the CONCAT function for this limitations.

CONCAT can concatenate many comma seperated values as a built in function in SQL Server .

((LEN(CONCAT($Unvan,’’))=0) OR UNVAN IN ($Unvan))

I hope we had save someone’s day.

Thanks for your help btw @mefraimsson

You still haven’t told me what Grafana version you’re using. On latest master (commit 25ea5fc) using Postgres (but should be same for MySQL) I get the following result using All event types:

I using MSSQL
I having the same Problem my Data Source marked below by $Database is working fine when embed in SQL as shown below but when pass variable Query based it failed my version of Grafana is Grafana v5.2.4 (0bbac5c)

The SQL is
@StartDate datetime = __timeFrom(), @EndDate datetime = __timeTo()

SELECT Count(* ) as ‘Total Runs’, ‘$Database’ as ‘Project’,’$App’ as ‘Application’
RUN.RN_STATUS Not in (‘No Run’, ‘N/A’, ‘Not Completed’, ‘’) and RUN.RN_DRAFT in (‘N’) and RUN.RN_USER_TEMPLATE_02 in (’$App’)

What is the generated sql output?

Hello. I have the same problem
How to use parameter from parameter, for example,
1parameter- $par1 = select top 100 Product from Products
2parameter- $par2 = select top 100 * from Customer as C Where c.Product=$par1
(in Microsoft Report builder its 2parameter- @par2 = select top 100 * from Customer as C Where c.Product=@par1 and it will work, how can i do the same in Grafana)

c.Product IN($par1) if $par1 is multi-value variable.

Hello All
i want to create a variable based on different-2 databases of same host
when i changed datasource db also change is it possible?

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Like this with Variable $DB having DB1, DB2, DBx etc

SELECT Col1, Col2, Col3, Colx… FROM $DB.[dbo].[TableName]

I tried this but didn’t get far

Better of to have Multiple queries with a where clause to NULL the outputs you don’t want