Custom all value and different datasource

Hello all!

I got a dashboard that use 2 different datasource : InfluxDB and MSSQL.

On this dashboard, I got several variables, and one of these variable (of type query) has a lot of values.
So in order to be able to select “All” for this variable while using InfluxDB, I had to use “Custom all value” setting to “.*” (else query string is too long)
Problem is : this does not work with MSSQL datasource. If I don’t use “Custom all value” for MSSQL datasource : it works fine. (SQL query use IN($variable))

But I don’t know how to make select all works for both datasource at same time, do you see any solution ?

Workaround : Change “large_client_header_buffers” on nginx (apache must have something similar) to accept very long query string.
So I don’t use custom all value.
I also saw some ticket about Grafana using POST instead of GET, but I don’t know the status.