MSSQL Grafana Configuration

Hi, Looking for assistance configuring MSSQL to grafana. I get this error on setting up a connection to my sql hosted on windows. i am new to grafana and seeking some help with this.

Alternatively, does prometheus have a windows mssql exporter that can be installed and have data streamed to grafana? something similar to the windows exporter for host metrics? I found a sql_exporter from prometheus but had difficulty installing and configuring it onto my windows host.

Please assist
Thank you in advance

welcome to the :grafana: forum, @aoaristacus

can you access your MSSQL server from a command shell?

Have you tried inspecting the network tab inside your browser’s developer tools while testing the connection?

For reasons unknown, after i restarted grafana server, MSSQL database established a connection.
Looking for dashboards i can test with. know of any?

Thanks again