Msi file not digitaly signed

Downloading the msi file w10 shows this image

So my question is, why those msi files not digitally signed?

from where have you downloaded this file?

There is link in first post, but it is
Reproduce steps:

  1. download from mentioned link;
  2. run it.

download is working for me

Yeah, did not write reproduction steps. Now updated and should be more clear.
As mentioned in topic, the msi file is not digitally signed by publisher.

Repeating again my question: why msi file not digitally signed?

again what is problem? you can install and use it. then all is okay.

My question is not answered.

The warning I get when trying to install with windows installer is probably related to this as well:
“grafana-7.3.2.windo…msi was blocked because it could harm your device”
Not exactly great first experience using grafana …

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