Creating a installer for Windows

From the documentation, I have the instructions to create optimized release packages for Linux.
But how can I release my customized Grafana version for windows? (installer for windows).
Has anyone faced this problem before?

We are soon coming out with a msi installer for windows.

So you can review how we do it in the repo

Thank you torkel!
Do you have any predictions about when the msi installer for Windows will be available?

It will be in the 6.2 release that is coming out next week.

It is included in the latest beta release:

Thank you guys @torkel and @daniellee !

Where I should start to look? Is there any documentation about the release packages for windows?

The link to the installer is on the page I linked to:

The error about the SHA256 will be fixed before the stable release goes live.

I’m building Grafana from source. For Windows and Linux.
Now I would like to make my own release. I know that running the command go run build.go build package, I can make a package for Linux, but I don’t know how to do it for Windows…

Do you mean the zip or the MSI, or just compiling for windows?

zip or msi
with the installation files…

Any luck on this? I would like to create msi file for my customized Grafana version(windows). Please suggest.