How do I package Grafana source code?

1. What I have done so far?

  • I forked the source code from the grafana source and I have done some minor changes to the source. Now I want to build & package my source.
  • I have already built the binaries (both Linux and Windows version) based on the Developer Guide on Github. Everything is working as expected.
  • Now, I have spent several weeks trying to find a way to package it, more specifically on Linux (I am using Ubuntu 20.04), so far the only way possible is to manually copy directory and zip them based on the zip file on Download Grafana from Windows.
  • I have read the developer guide and go over several issue #30963 on Github to see if there is solution, but I am already at the dead end.

2. What am I expected?

  • Is there any specific artifacts, or commands that can build and package the source code?
  • If not, are there any specific reason why the packaging feature is removed from the guideline/feature removed but the source to run it still exist?
  • Is it possible that the packaging by manually zipping it works?

Hi @HungCao :wave:

Release and packaging processes are at the moment internal to Grafana labs. See this post for reference.

I am afraid I can’t be more helpful

Thank you for your replying @antonio.merello!

I hope to hear from the grafana team about the feature in the future!

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