Install Grafana from source on Ubuntu Linux - Video


The documentation on the website is very little and not easy to understand for beginners. Is there a video that shows the steps to install grafana using the source on Ubuntu Linux and setup auto-rebuild when html/css is changed?

I tried installing from apt-get and it was super easy to setup, but now whenever I make any change to the html or css, it does not reflect on the dashboard. I was told that I need to install from source. (is this correct) This is why I’m asking this. Also this application will be deployed on production, so whats the best way to do that?

Any help will be appreciated.

Did you try follow the building from source guide or GitHub readme ?

Yes. Those steps are not detailed enough. The files are saving in some random location, yarn is not working, multiple issues.

Someone please post detailed steps to build from source and steps to rebuild app.js and map files after making changes to html and css.


I am having a similar issue. Our Grafana developer left the company suddenly. I have been assigned the Grafana work but I have no experience here. I was able to track down a typo he left behind in the app.js file but so I have not been able to find out how to rebuild the file for my update to take.