Windows 10 Install Security Warning

Hey, couldn’t find this anywhere so here it is.
I just downloaded the latest version of the windows installer (9.5.1 open source version) and when I was about to run it Windows threw a security warning. This is unexpected when installing Grafana as I would expect the executable to be signed and recognized. Therefore I’m raising this question, does it seem fishy to anyone else? Furthermore there is no mention of this anywhere in the documentation which further increases my suspicion.

What’s up here?



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Is this a computer on a compajy network?
Anyways I never use the exe, I use the zip file, scan it then expand it and nssm to install it as a service the exe does the same thing anyways

This is not a computer on a company network no. I’ll check out the zip tutorial. Thanks.

I’m fine using the zip instead however I was a bit more concerned with the security implications of this. I’m not saying the exe has been compromised but it wouldn’t be the first time it would happen on the internet. Should this be raised as a concern somewhere?


thank you for bringing this up

I remember getting the same window when I first installed Grafana on my personal PC

I will reach out to the team and to the docs team to see if we can add some notes into the Grafana install tutorial for Windows OS.


I have the same issue, even using the zip package, the files grafana-server.exe and grafana-client.exe are quarantined by the antivirus.

Is it possible to have a signed package? Or at least know if this is planned in future versions.


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I just heard from the Grafana Delivery team that they are planning to replace the Windows installer in the near future, so this should not be an issue anymore.

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