Monitoring monthly bandwidth with Zabbix data source


I am trying to find a way to see the bandwidth of an interface for a month either as separate in and out values, or summed. Zabbix is already deployed, but it seems that there is no convenient way for what I need, and I found a suggestion to use Grafana. So I installed it, and the Zabbix plugin for Grafana - Zabbix plugin for Grafana | Grafana Labs. Grafana is now seeing the groups and hosts in Zabbix. I created a new panel with the following:
Query name: A
Query type: metrics
Group: boo
Host: foo
Item tag: Application: Interface … Bonding (it’s an LACP team/bond)
Item: Interface…: Bits received

The traffic graph seems to be working correctly.

I experimented with the Functions, and with the second tab Transform, but to no avail.
At this point I am not sure if I am doing something wrong in Grafana, or something needs to be added/changed in Zabbix. The Zabbix installation is functioning, and is showing graphs.

I got some result with Transform → Add field from calculation-> Reduce Row, Calculation = Total, but I do not trust it. The resulting line shows 1.69Tb irrespective of the fact if in the query I have selected bits received or bits sent. It remains at 1.69Tb even if I change the time range from 30 days to 1hour.

I am completely new to Grafana, any help is highly appreciated.

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