Monitoring exporters data from Prometheus on VM and projecting it to Grafana deployed on Kubernetes cluster

Dear community members, I am new to Grafana and I need help regarding this issue. I have Freeswitch FusionPBX running on a VM (suppose it is machine-A). Node Exporter, freeswitch exporter, fusionpbx exporter and prometheus are also deployed on machine-A. On the other hand, I have a Kubernetes machine(Machine-B) with Kube-Prometheus-stack deployed on it. I can manually add dashboards for monitoring exporters from machine-A onto Grafana on Machine-B and data is available on Machine-B. what I want to do is that these dashboards should be added in a new folder automatically when I deploy Kube-Prometheus-stack on Machine-B. need your help on how this can be achieved? I have JSON files for dashboards.
For the reference, i am using helm charts to deploy kube-Prometheus-stack.