Monitor my we application's logs using Grafana

Hello guys,

I have a web application, and I have its logs under GCP Logs, but also stored in some BQ tables.

I was wondering what would be the ‘right’ way to monitor these logs? Like checking status codes, latency, accessed routes, etc.

I know Grafana has the BQ integration, but I know there should be a better & efficient way in which I should integrate these logs. There’s also GCP Logs which seems to not be realized yet.

Considering that I would want to know how I should do it? What steps I should follow?

I am a bit lost now because I know I might have to combine other tools with Grafana such as Prometheus to achieve higher potential of Grafana, the thing is that is not 100% clear for me how I should combine the tools, and what steps i should follow if I want to reach the above task.

So in case you have any resource or thought, feel free to share, I would highly apprecate it.