Stream audit logs to grafana to plot graph and visualization


i am exploring grafana to configure it as per business need. our customer wants to use grafana for monitoring alerting. our product gives few out of the box metrics which has been exported to grafana for monitoring and alerting but along with that we do have requirement to analyze audit logs and plot the graphs. below is one of the example requirement which customer is looking into.

configuring alert once number of failed query count exceeds 5.

currently we have achieved this by using splunk but we want to migrate to one single monitoring tool for both logs and metrics.

is there any way to achieve this ?
if anyone knows hot to implement this kindly help.

Grafana doesn’t store your metrics/logs. Timeseries DB (or another type of DB supported by Grafana) stores them and Grafana just connects to that DB and visualize data.

BTW: you can connect Grafana with Splunk - there is already premium = paid datasource plugin for that