Monitor Container Load Average with Grafana Agent and Cadvisor (Docker Integration)


I’ve configured Docker integration on Grafana Cloud, utilizing Cadvisor and Grafana Agent to monitor Docker containers, and it’s been effective for most metrics. I’ve been referencing the metrics documented: Docker Integration Metrics.

However, I’m encountering challenges when trying to monitor the load average of individual containers. Specifically, the container_cpu_load_average_10s metric appears in Grafana, but it doesn’t seem to provide any values.

I’m aware that load average is typically a host-level metric, but I’m interested in approximating it for my containers. I came across these discussions related to the issue:

  • Issue 3706
  • Issue 1656 (github .com/grafana/agent/issues/1656)

Could someone please advise if there have been any recent developments on this topic? Is there a way to pass the load average metric to Grafana Agent for my Docker containers, or can you suggest an approach to approximate it using the existing setup?

I would greatly appreciate any guidance or recommendations on how to achieve this monitoring goal. Thank you!

I have the same issue.
When I check the endpoints in prometheus, I see an error message for cadvisor: label_value_length_limit exceeded (metric: container_cpu_load_average_10s, label name: container_label_org_opencontainers_image_descripti, value: "[syslog-ng](", length: 230, limit: 200)
Perhaps you are experiencing a similar issue?
I haven’t figured out how to increae the limit or truncate the metrics