Grafana Agent with Open Telemetry metrics and docker containers


we are currently using the Grafana Agent to scrape Linux host metrics. We push those to our Grafana Cloud instance. Which is by the way an awesome platform!

We are now trying to integrate metrics (and eventually traces). Our infrastructure consists of a bunch of docker containers deployed on a Linux server. We’d like to use the Grafana Agent also for metric collection.

My understanding is that metrics are usually scraped by the Agent and then forwarded to the Cloud. This however means that the Grafana Agent config needs to know all containers (?) which is configuration intensive. We’d much rather push the metrics from the containers to the local Grafana Agent.

Most of the relevant containers run core 6 and we’d love to use open-telemetry to gather metrics (and traces).

Can we push metrics (and traces) to the Grafana Agent and do you have any example config for this?

Generally, I’d much appreciate it if there were more end-to-end examples (ex.: How to push Metrics and Traces from core to Grafana Cloud using the Grafana Agent) of archiving this goal. Would make the entry into the whole Grafana Cloud much easier :wink: