Modifying Default Unified Email Alert

Hi All,

I have read through similar posts in regards to making edits to the default alert email ng_alert_notification.html but none have given me any help when trying to change what information is displayed. I have been able to change simple things like the background colors and logo, but when it comes to the content itself, it seems the changes I make take no effect. For example, I don’t like the output that ValueString gives, so I created my own annotation variable to be displayed instead. This variable is displayed in the output, but the Value: {{ .ValueString }} section still appears even when I have deleted it from the ng_alert_notification.html file. I also tried deleting the ‘Source’ button because it doesn’t line up with the other buttons, but it too still appears after saving the file and restarting the grafana service.

I have played around with the custom templates, in which all these changes work, but there is no formatting to the emails, so they look messy compared to the nice default email, so I am really hoping I can just make these changes to the default email.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.