Email template personalization

Hi all, I know this is a topic with so many questions… but I didn’t find a solution.
I read some webpage and other information on grafana website… but no way out.

I would like to know where is the HTML template used for de default messages.
I read this post:

after I restart my grafana server but always see same template message

I’m on a docker app with grafana v.9.0.2 (0641b5d0cd).
Thanks ALEN

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Hi, I have the same problem that you with the same version of Grafana, after restaring the server always see same template message and not see the customized template message by me. Why?

I have seeing the same documentation about ‘Change Email Alert Template’ of the website

Hi, I solved…
I’m using docker and isn’t into the host… but inside the app.
You have to change “ng_alert_notification.html”.

Try with a backup first… (inside app)

cd /usr/share/grafana/public/emails
mkdir bkp 
cp *.* bkp

or you can mount a volume… outside for that file…

- /etc/docker/myfolder/grafana/emails/ng_alert_notification.html:/usr/share/grafana/public/emails/ng_alert_notification.html


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Many many thanks for your investigation about this issue.
I modifying the “ng_alert_notification.html” file and solved the problem.


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