Slightly adjust Default Template for Email Alerts

I have an alert in Grafana v9.2.4 that is being sent to my Email Address. The EMail is nicely formatted with some headings in bold font, colorful buttons and even Links to Grafana:

Now, as soon a I start to try to implement my own email template, it looks like shit, losing all of the formatting. I can do a lot of stuff with the template like iterating over alerts and printing their silence URLs or whatever attributes I want. However, it will look super unprofessional without any formatting or even line breaks.

Isn’t there a way to simply slightly adjust the existing template like for example excluding the “Value” section or excluding specific labels?

I don’t want to adjust the HTML file under “/public/emails/ng_alert_notification.html” as I don’t want to affect any of the other existing alert messages. Also, I am in general quite okay with the HTML Alert Template as it is, I just want to send a reduced set of content to it.

Thanks in advance,