How to format alert emails?

Our alert emails are formatted weirdly and could use some modifications.
1.) How can I get the subject line to have the specific alert rule name?
2.) How can I format the “Firing” in the body to be on one line instead of this vertical naming scheme?
P.S. I circled the areas that I would like to fix/modify, thank you to all in advance who takes their time to read and offer their advice on this post!

Hi dsnow, it’s hard to tell what the issue is from a screenshot, but in theory this should work… Here’s an example rule detail section

And result of it being fired

Do you have similar in your config? What browser / Grafana version are you running on etc?? Here is a link to detailed pages on alerting configs - Alerting | Grafana documentation

Hi @aengusrooneygrafana, thank you for replying. I believe we are running Grafana Enterprise, and I personally use Edge as the browser for web console connection.

As for the alert, we don’t have any variables or such in our “Summary” and “Description”, just a custom message. However, I don’t think that’s the route I’m supposed to take. Those fields under “summary and annotations” aren’t being affected/the problem. In the 2nd screenshot you provided, our alert rule name shows in place of the blue box “View in Alert Manager” and the text runs vertically, not in a horizontal line. Also, it doesn’t show in your email, but the subject of the email needs to be customized as well instead of “Firing [1]: (ce)”. I just want to know how to fix and modify the formatting of emails in specific areas as shown circled in my screenshot.