Grafana alert rules with two or more queries

I am testing grafana alerting with Grafana V9.0.3 version.

My current Stack is:
Telegraf for gathering logs
influxDB for storing logs
Grafana for dashboard.

Now I have configured unified alerts in grafana, and I am receiving emails also. however, in each alert rule, I have two more expressions to validate and when I receive the email I see 2 or more expressions data in the email. I see documentation, but they documented it for the Prometheus data source and the same labels are not working in my case.
here is the link which I followed.

Below is the alert image, and email image from my grafana and I want only Var B in value filed in the email.

Can you please help me to achieve this?

I know I should make the changes in the ng alert HTML file so that it will reflect all the alerts, and currently, it has {{.ValueString }} in Value. but I don’t know what i need to change to get only Var B.

I have the same problem, did you get an answer? please let me know @SarvaBhowma

My solution was to remove the ValueString completely from the ng alert html file and then add a new value Label in the alert with $values.B template variable. It is much cleaner like this.