Modify Value in stat

Hello guys,
I have an issue with a temperature sensor.
It was ok with previous version, but since I’ve mooved to 7.0 I don’t find how to make it right.
I get from my query a value like “245” (for 24.5 °c) and I can’t find how to change the value to 24.5.

I’ve look to the new “transform” feature but nothing worked.

Thank’s for your help.


How did you achieve this in the previous version?

With the new Transform feature, you can use the “Add field from calculation” transform. You can configure it like this:

In the right field of “Operation”, you can type any number and, then, you need to click on “Create: 10” to add it. This works on 7.0.3 but not on 7.0.0 so you may need to upgrade your Grafana version.

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Thank you for your answer, I saw this the first time but didn’t understand how to had the value 10 (–> click on create).

For the previous version, I don’t remember, I have only two temp sensors, and thousands of others pannels…

Thank you again !