Missing units on axis


currently we have a problem with the display of units of measurement in Grafana.
We use Grafana v4.6.3 to display graphs in web pages.
The data comes from Graphite v1.1.1.

When Icinga 2 displays a graph, we see the units:

If we now draw the same graph in Grafana, the unit of measurement on the axis is missing.

I know that you can set them by hand, but this is not an option for us, as we have the graphs created by scripted dashboards and we have many different service checks with different units.

Is it possible that Grafana can automatically detect the units of measurement?
Maybe something has to be adjusted in Graphite?

Many thanks for your help


Not possible for Grafana to detect unit. But if you’re using graphite you probably want to look at the function aliasByNode which will take the alias from of your nodes in a graphite metric, i.e. A.B.C.D.



thanks for the answer and sorry for the late reply.
Too bad that Grafana can not detect the units =(

The function aliasByNode() is nice, we can finally display only the parts of the metric that we want.

I will look for a solution in graphite so that we can see units of measure in graphs or the metric.

Thanks again for your help!