Graphana units energy mixed up

HI there,
im using telegraf, influxdb and graphana to visualize the data of my photovoltaik paneels - its working fine since a few days. but i have one issue with the units:

when i select [W] as unit there is kilowatt [kW] shown on the panel and when i select kilowatt [kW] there is megawatt [MW] shown on the panel.

Does anybody know where to change this or is it up to the grafana programmer to change this in a new release?

The “Unit” setting tells Grafana the unit that the measurement is recorded in, if you set it to Watt then 2916 means 2916 Watts or 2.916 kW, if you set it to Kilowatt then 2916 is 2916 kW or 2.916 MW.

Thank you for the quick reply!
So graphana chooses the unit to show in the single graph? I thought i choose the unit to display the metrics.

Grafana will select the display unit based on the magnitude of the value, if you want to be able to explicitly set the display unit you can set the Unit to None and put the unit you want displayed in the Postfix field.

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