Missing Stddev in the time series aggregations options

Hej Community,

I’m pretty new to TSDB but I really like the combination of InfluxDB and Grafana.
In my case I’d like to visualize loaded resources split by theire resource type in a table. I’d like to include the StdDev aswell but this option isn’t available at the moment.
Is there any workaround or a way I could add this function by myself?


Greetings from Berlin,


You’re correct, StdDev is not supported at the moment and we have no plans supporting it. However, if you find this feature really helpful I would suggest you to create a feature request issue.

If you want to implement this yourself you can modify the Grafana code. In combination with the feature request issue you’ll creating you could create a pull request with your code changes. If lots of people upvotes the issue with a thumbs up emoji we’ll consider implementing/merging it.