Calculate Standard Deviation

Hello Community,

the situation is that I have a set of data shown in a graph panel.
Now I would like to calculate the standard deviation of each query.
… either for the specific time range selected - or for a defined number of values eg. 50

So far I tried to use the “Transformations” but I don’t find the right arithmetic.

What “nearly worked” was using the column panel instead of graph panel.
Here I can calculate the range of the data. However I need the standard deviation as I want to ignore a few outliers.

Appreciate your help!

Can you do the calculation in your query? I use influx, and influxql has a stddev() function that I would use if I needed it.

Thank you for your help.

We didn’t manage do get it done in influx. But this lead us to calculate it prior in node red.
So this is solved now.