Missing permisisons for creating Public Dashboards


I am struggeling with an permission issue I have no explanation for.
I have two Grafana instances on 2 servers (Windows Server 2022) and both have the same version 10.4.2 Enterprise Version no licence. The instances are Independent.

The issue is now that I can create/share a Public Dashboard on one instance but not on the other. Im an EDITOR in both cases. Same config except the hostnames.
public_dashboards is set to TRUE for both.

When I try to create a Public Dashboard link on the second instance I see a message that I am missing the permissions for that:

On the first instance I can create Public Dashboards with no issues.

When I call the permisisons API https:///api/access-control/user/permissions
I see that on the second instance I am missing some permissions in the return like:


We never configured any special permissions for any of those instances.
What can cause this and how can we fix it?

The instances are independent and they definitely did not receive the same updates all the time but now they are on the same version.

Hi @terr4

I found this issue where they mention that users need Admin permissions for a dashboard in order to create or update public dashboards