Missing measurement in InfluxDB

Good morning - I have an installation including Nagios, Graphios, InFluxDB and Grafana that I have revisited after a very long time away. I’ve noticed that whilst data from most of my Nagios services is being harvested correctly and is available in Grafana, one (called Win_CPU_Load) isn’t available in the dropdown when i come to edit my existing charts or try to create new ones… When I open my Influx DB and do Show Measurements, it isn’t there either. As it’s been a while since I set everything up and my memory is a little rusty, can anyone suggest why it might not be there and what I can do to get it back?
I have restarted Graphios and InfluxDB, by the way.
Thanks in advance

If anyone’s interested, I sorted this. Someone had changed the warning and critical thresholds on the Win_CPU_Load to 105/110 to see if we could alert on overclocking, and forgot to change them back to 95/100. As a result, no data was being collected. When I changed this back to 95/100 and restarted Nagios, Win_CPU_Load appeared as a measurement in InfluxDB and was then available in the dropdown within Grafana. Just hope this might help someone else, if they happen to be as dim as me!