Grafana not reporting any windows server metrics. (telegraf & influxdb)

Hey there,

so have been trying to use telegraf in windows server 2012r2 to send metrics over to a linux server running influxdb and grafana. I gave the influx user full permission to the database. I created the data source in grafana and the connection is ok. (The windows server is running an active directory if that makes any difference).

the problem is that when i add a graph in grafana i can see the database and i can select win_cpu and everything but it doesn’t show any data. it seemed to me that windows was not outputting metrics, but in fact it was when i checked the logs. I have another linux machine hooked up with telegraf and when i tried to connect that to grafana everything was working as intended. It seems that just windows is not ok with outputting metrics even with the firewall disabled. I also tried running it as a service which did not work out. Then i tried running it from powershell with .\telegraf.exe -config .\telegraf.conf, here comes the weird part: it gave just a blank screen, everything was still working fine but it was not outputting a singular thing. And the logs said i was outputting metrics just fine while powershell was dead silent. I also updated windows server to the latest version and i am using telegraf 1.6.0.

If anyone has any idea as to what is going on here please let me know, all help is appreciated.

sincerely, IQFX.