Missing documentation of expandable navbar

Expanding navbar (Beta) was announced with v8.5 but I couldnt see any documentation on the settings and how-to-do except the short information about the feature: What's new in Grafana v8.5 | Grafana documentation

How can I enable this feature? Checked Server Admin/ Settings but couldnt find anything.

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The feature is behind the feature toggle newNavigation. You can enable the feature by adding it to the [feature_toggles] section of your grafana.ini file.

For example:

# there are currently two ways to enable feature toggles in the `grafana.ini`.
# you can either pass an array of feature you want to enable to the `enable` field or
# configure each toggle by setting the name of the toggle to true/false. Toggles set to true/false
# will take precedence over toggles in the `enable` list.

# enable = feature1,feature2
enable = newNavigation

You’re right there’s not much documentation out there yet since this is a beta feature. Here is the PR where it was added; there’s some good info here about what changes to expect:

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