How to enable nestedFolders in Grafana 10.1?

Hi How to enable nested folders in Oss Grafana 10.1?
I tried doing
nestedFolders = true
in grafana.ini but no luck.
Thank you.

Hi, you can try this one:

# there are currently two ways to enable feature toggles in the `grafana.ini`.
# you can either pass an array of feature you want to enable to the `enable` field or configure each toggle by setting the name of the toggle to true/false. Toggles set to true/false will take presidence over toggles in the `enable` list.
enable = nestedFolders,enableDatagridEditing,correlations,editPanelCSVDragAndDrop,exploreMixedDatasource,publicDashboards,newTraceViewHeader
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