Missing authorization header

Grafana (7.5.0) configured for OAuth sign in only.
An addon (backend: true) with oauthPassThru enabled
After logging in the authorization header is sent with every request too the addon.
Next day when i open grafana, I’m still logged in, but all request to the addon is missing the authorization header .
With “send_user_header” enabled, the X-Grafana-User is empty !
So something inside grafana think the user is not logged in, but I can still see my name/email and is allowed in. Signing out and back in, both authorization and X-Grafana-User gets sent again until next day ( I have no the exact time frame before the authorization stops getting sent )

helo and welcome to the forums, what grafana version are you using?

v7.5.0-12932 to be more precise