Mimir+Loki multi-tenancy and datasource variables


I use Mimir and Loki in multi-tenant mode. In Grafana, i create Mimir and Loki datasources for each tenant respectively, there is a corresponding tenant in Mimir and Lokir respectively for a deployment.

For building dashboards, I usually add a datasource variable for selecting which tenant to query.

Problems start to arise though when i want to create a dashboard that contains both metric and log panels in this scenario: I add a datasource variable for Mimir tenants, and ideally i would like to be able to correlate Loki tenant datasources with the one selected for Mimir automatically to select the appropriate datasource.

However, this is currently seemingly not possible.

i have to create two separate datasource picker and the user of the dashboard has to make sure to select both the correct Mimir and the corresponding Loki datasource for the dashboard to work as expected.

I would expect it to be possible to e.g. regex match datasources based on a previous variables current value to allow this kind of use-case.

Am i missing something or this is really currently not possible in Grafana?