Using Loki based variable

Hi there

In most of my dashboards I’ve a bunch of variables to filter bit by bit the scope : owner, then environment, then service, then instance. It works like a charm on prometheus variables. When using Loki as a datasource for the variable, the subsequent variable values aren’t filtered as I expect them to be. Is it me doing it wrong, or is there a bug ?

To illustrate, here is the variable edition with a Loki stream selector (if I can call it like that). Tons of instances, not filtered

Then I switch it to prometheus, only the relevant instances are shown

Using prometheus is a partial workaround, but it won’t do for every field, it’s not aware of the loki’s systemd unit name for example, and this filter is dearly needed too.

Did you ever found a solution for this? I’m facing the same issue and its a show stopper :frowning:

me too, I’m facing the same issue, is there any update for this?

There is a poll request to fix the issue but hasn’t been merge

I read somewhere that you could set your Loki datasource as a Prometheus one on a specific endpoint and it would work but I cant find exactly how.