Loki Alerting via Grafana

im having: an mimir Instance running and also an loki instance (and grafana) locally installed via docker. Mimir alerting is fully working via grafana and so its only for information that this is existing.
Im trying to use alerting in grafana and only want to use “mimir or loki alert” and NOT “grafana managed alert”. This is because i want later to backup all with mimirtool or also writing in alertrules with mimirtool if possible.
My point is that i can only see my datasource of type prometheus which is my mimir instance.
Loki Datasource is not showing any errors in grafana gui and its explorable and showing data which is getting in there.
My Problem: In Alerting i cannot create Rules for this loki-datasource because its not shown to select it.

I can see the sentence that therefore it has to be enabled the ruler api.
This ruler api is enabled if im requesting services:

query-frontend => Running
querier => Running
server => Running
query-frontend-tripperware => Running
ingester => Running
memberlist-kv => Running
distributor => Running
compactor => Running
query-scheduler => Running
cache-generation-loader => Running
store => Running
ruler => Running
ring => Running
ingester-querier => Running
usage-report => Running

Ruler storage is type local.

Does anyone have an idea what i have to do to get this working?

Best regards

The good thing:
i got it running using an minio storage so now the datasource is appearing and via grafana gui i can now add rules.
The bad thing:

docker run --rm -v $(pwd):/local/ grafana/mimirtool rules print --address http://[ip]:3100 --id fake
time="2022-12-22T10:25:33Z" level=info msg="no rule groups currently exist for this user"

i changed all to authentication with a testtenant m13. The rules are created from gui which im seein in directory:

ll /data/loki-s3/loki-ruler/rules/m13/
insgesamt 4
drwxr-xr-x 3 root root 4096 22. Dez 15:02 'TG9raQ=='

but still not printable:

docker run --rm -v $(pwd):/local/ grafana/mimirtool rules print --address http://ip:3100 --id m13
time="2022-12-22T14:03:33Z" level=info msg="no rule groups currently exist for this user"

anyone an idea why mimirtool is not able to see or handle the loki-rules?