Manage Loki Alerts in Grafana

I have Grafana Setup currently with mimir and loki with the mimir alertmanager.

Everything works good for managing mimir alerts, and if i create a yaml file on my loki server i can view the alert rules in grafana but i cannot manage them.
" Errors loading rules

Failed to load rules config from Loki: Ruler API is not available for Loki"

this is my ruler config:

    type: local
      directory: /etc/loki/rulestorage
  rule_path: /etc/loki/rules
  alertmanager_url: https://mimir/alertmanager
      store: inmemory
  enable_api: true
  enable_alertmanager_v2: true```

Hi @bgates

The ruler API cannot modify rules when using local storage.
I don’t think we document this very well right now, unfortunately.

It’s a pity this error message is so vague.
Are you using local storage for Mimir, too?

Correct i am using local storage.

Maybe i can connect my ruler storage for Loki to my Mimir S3 Storage and just use the same location(bad practice though probably???)

I don’t know enough about how Mimir structures its rules to give a good answer, I’m afraid.
I had a look and Loki doesn’t allow you to configure a base path in the bucket for your rules, but Mimir does: Grafana Mimir configuration parameters | Grafana Mimir documentation (see storage_prefix option), so maybe you could use that to share the bucket but not have the rules conflict.