Migrating K6 data from InfluxDB 1.8 to Prometheus

Hi Team,

Planning to use the K6 Prometheus experimental features, and I need to migrate my existing k6 data from InfluxDB 1.8 to Prometheus. Can someone guide me?

Hi @Gerard

Migrating the data might be a complex process (not sure if doable). We would recommend you keep the InfluxDB around if you need the older data.


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Thanks @eyeveebe

Thinking this way to acheive it, but need to try and see and it helps.

  1. Export the data from InfluxDB 1.x using tools like influx backup
  2. Convert the data to Prometheus format influxdb-to-Prometheus or influx-exporter to convert the data to Prometheus format
  3. Define a relabeling rule on Prometheus configuration to rename the measurement to the new measurement name
  4. Import the data into Prometheus by configuring Prometheus to scrape the InfluxDB data source directly using the influxdb remote read endpoint

Guide me, if you have any other thoughts.