Migrating app plugins to use react-router v6

Hi :grafana: users!

Grafana 10 added support for using react-router@6 in your app plugins. While Grafana 10 and Grafana 11 are still supporting app plugins using react-router@5, this approach is becoming deprecated in Grafana 11 and we suggest that you update your plugin as soon as you can.

You are affected if:

You have an app plugin which is relying on frontend routing.

Migration path:

1. Enable using react-router v6

Add the following in your plugin build config file - <path-to-your-plugin>/.cprc.json

  "features": {
    "useReactRouterV6": true

2. Update the plugin build config

Make sure that you have your git working tree clean, and update using create-plugin:

# Update the build config
npx @grafana/create-plugin@latest update

# Install dependency updates
npm install # yarn install | pnpm install

3. Update your code

There are some things that you will need to change in your plugins code as well:

Please also check out the Grafana v9.x → v10.x migration guide on our website for more information.

Happy coding! :wave: