Metric Name is not mentioned in email notification for "No Data" kind of Alert

Hi all,

Metric Name is not mentioned in the notification which is generated for [No Data] kind of alert. Is there a way to enable it or is a bug ?

I have set in place an alert. When I do not receive data from a stream, an alert is raised which is of [No Data] type.

For Grafana Version - Grafana v4.2.0 (commit: 349f3eb)

Alert that I have set in place.

Screenshot of the notification received for “No Data” kind of alert. See that Metric Name is an empty string.

What data source are you using, for some data sources grafana gets no metric names in case there is no data

Hi @torkel,

I am using Influxdb v1.2 as a data source.

Not much grafana can do in that case, try fill(null) in your query, but if there is no data at all no series name info us returned

Alright. Thanks very much for the help!