Alert notification via email show empty metric field

There are 100+ servers on monitoring, servers are separated by groups.
Each group have a separate alert dashboard, in each dashboard are placed 8 graphs with 25 metrics & 25 alerts for them in each graph.

Alerts are configured in such way:
If no data or all values are null - set state to - Alerting
If execution error or timeout - set state to - Alerting

The issue: then the metric has no data - Alert notification via email show empty metric field, so the support engineer can’t understand which of 25 metrics was affected (downstate)
On metric picture there are many lines, so it’s very difficult to find failed one

Should be very good if metric with no data will be placed in email message, like on his picture

Well for no data we usually get no time series / metric names from the metric query (for some databases like influxDB and others)

I am facing the same issue while using Prometheus as datasource. anyone can help?

I am having same issue with Prometheus. Kindly let me know if you got a solution?