Merge two columns into a third

Hello, I am on Grafana 9.2.3

Considering two columns (A and B) from a Table with missing values. Is it possible to create an other column without “Missing” like C ?


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What is your datasource? Mysql? Does the data literally say Missing?


Datasource : Elastic
No, the datasource don’t say “missing”, I just add in the “missing” field on "Transorm
The data will be “text” but that can be “numeric” too.


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Something like this

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Thank you,

That is not bad ! For that I have to add a space instead of “missing” on missing field.

But I have a little probleme.

For exemple, if A have value “ping” and B have value “pong”, C will have value “pingpong” and, it’s logical !

Because some time, I have value on A and B, but not always

When I have value on A and B, I just need to have the value from A on C, and not A+B.
A + B is good if A or B are empty. But is A and B have value, it’s a little problem.

Thank you for your time.


You earlier said there is no literal value of Missing? Are you say instead of blank there is a dash?

In that case it is a rltext field. “2” is not numeric it is text field

This requirement is opposite of what you posted in the picture