Custom column based on other two columns - table

Hi everyone,
I have the following setup:
In here I am creating tables to determine if pod has been in status of “Evicted” or “Error”

I then use transformations as follows;

  1. Merge series/tables
  2. Organize fields by name

And then my table looks like this"

My goal
At the end I want to have 3 columns. namespace, pod, and reason.
The reason will have value of “Evicted” or “Error”

Any help is much appreciated!

I chose this approach but if you know a better way, I am open for suggestions

it takes a couple of steps…

convert data to numeric

multiply the evicted field by -1, to differentiate between error and evicted as positive or negative:

step 3:
multiply the error field by 1:

step 4:
add the results from the previous two operations together and alias it:

that should give a 1 for error and a -1 for evicted

step 5:
then add a value mapping on the alias for 1 and -1 and hide the other fields

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The best!
Thank you very much - much appreciated

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