Merge playlist URL and ?disableAutoLogin

Hello !

We have general oauth enabled with auto_login set to true on our grafana server

I need to bypass this general oauth for one specific user only.

I know I can use URL to avoid the redirection on our general Oauth page, so I created a user with a “basic” authentication method.

I’m trying to automate the browser startup + grafana login with this tool that is actually really good : GitHub - grafana/grafana-kiosk: Kiosk Utility for Grafana

There is an option to fill in our custom “html input fields names” so that the generic Oauth username and passwords fields can be found on page by the tool, but our input fields names are randomized on every page refresh (html framework) … :frowning:

So now my question : Is it possible to use the “/login?disableAutoLogin” in a “playlist shared link URL” ?

I would like to merge the the “/login?disableAutoLogin” param and the “playlist shared link URL” so that my user can auto login with the “basic” login page and the playlist is started directly.

Thanks in advance for your answer.