Change default Login URL

I have Grafana setup and using Oauth successfully but I’m looking to change the default login page from:




What I’m doing is a have a few of my Grafna Panels embedded on a webpage and this webpage makes my users log in to Okta to see it. Because Grafana is setup with Oauth in Okta if I was able to change the default login URL it would auto sign in users to Grafana by vising the page with any graphs on it.

My current hack workaround is on the first page of the webpage I have a small embedded going to the Oauth link in Grafana if you give the first webpage a second or two it will auto sign you in to Grafana and then the graphs work on the second page.

Starting in 5.4.0 you can use the Automatic OAuth Login setting to send users straight to your auth provider.

Should have looked better at the documentation that option wasn’t listed in my grafana.ini but I was able to type it in and it worked perfectly.