Many SQL connections when using dashboard provisioning

We’re using the provisioning option to provision a large number of generated dashboards for customers. All providers are set to update every 5 minutes. We see that the directory with dashboards on disk is scanned and new dashboards are detected. However, adding some of the dashboards seems to fail because all dashboards are added at the same time, causing the number of connections to max out. Of course we can increase that (as long as the load on that server is ok), but it would be nice if we could spread these updates over time so load on the grafana server and postgresql server is lower. Also, 250 concurrent connections (which is our max at the moment) should be more than enough at any time.

One way to work around this is to set the update interval for each organisation to some random value, that would help spread the load over time a bit, but I was wondering if there’s a better way to limit the concurrent number of updates done by the provisioning?

We’re currently running Grafana 6.7.4 by the way. If upgrading to 7 would help, I’d be happy to hear that.